Masham Square, Featherstone

Masham Square, Featherstone

Image reference: xl00823

Description: A black and white photograph showing terrace houses on Masham Square, Featherstone, taken from the yard of Ackton Hall Colliery. The tall chimney in the middle is Lister Baths, later closed. In the foreground, can be seen colliery wagons, used to transport coal. Internal Reference: FE Box 2 (Red Square/Round spot) No 59

Keywords: House terrace, Windows sash, Door, Field, Railings, Railway line

Place name(s): WF7, Featherstone

Date(s): Not available

Date added to archive: 04/12/2003

Original rights: Unknown

Permission rights: Featherstone Library

Digital rights: WMDC Libraries and Information Services

Digital publisher: WMDC, Education and Cultural Services, Libraries and Information Services

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