War effort collection on Bridge Street, Wakefield, 1943

War effort collection on Bridge Street, Wakefield, 1943

Image reference: xl05945

Description: A black and white photograph from the Wakefield City Engineers Collection showing salvage/collection vans travelling over Bridge Street in Wakefield in 1943. During the Second World War items were collected to help with the war effort such as paper, rubber and bones. There are signs reading 'Bones for Salvage, men need explosives' and 'Salvage saves shipping'. There are pictures of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth and Union Flags atop the lorries. Internal Reference: WYAS WND (B208) 20/1

Keywords: War, Lorry, Bridge, Chapel, Church, Banner, Flags, Advertisement, Telegraph pole, People, Road, War work

Place name(s): WF1, Wakefield

Date(s): 1943

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