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Twixt Branding


Unless otherwise stated, the copyright, database rights and similar rights in all material published on this site are owned by Wakefield Metropolitan District Council.

Wakefield Metropolitan District Council assume no responsibility or liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred as a result of any use or reliance upon the information and material contained within or downloaded from this website.

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Whilst every care has been taken to identify copyright owners there are some we have been unable to trace and any information about these companies would be gratefully received. A list of companies about which we are currently seeking information may be found below.

Any amendments or corrections to the factual records of the database and all feedback about this website will be gratefully received, please see the contact us form for details of how to get in touch.

Companies and individuals about which information is being actively sought

J C Ackling
D Adams
J Amery and Sons
Edward Atkinson
J Atkinson & sons
B P Co.
Barnsley Photo Co
J E Batty
J Baxter
Belman Advertising
W E Berry ltd.
W A Bilton
E J Bloor
C H Bowcott and Sons
Bownas of Pontefract
M Brearley
A R Briggs
R Brook
Mr C W Burkill
Burney News Service
H Burniston
J Burrow & Co
Mr E Butterfield
C & P, Leeds
H V Calvert
Clay & Scriven (of London)
H R Clayton
Cleave & Co.
S Cockburn & Son
Alf Cooke ltd. of Leeds
J Crowther
Davidson Bros. ltd.
Deacon of Pontefract
Dixon & Colcutt
The Doncaster Rotophoto Co.
Dryden Press
Mr R L E Drive
Eddison, Inger and Simpson
Electric Printing Works
Elliott & Fry
ELS and co.
H Fawbert
Fox Photos
W & T Gaines
Glenco Series
A F Gothard
H Graham Glen
Grand Studios
Hague, Billy
Ingle & Waite
J & G Hall
J G Hardy
H & J Harris, Normanton
Harris Bros.
J Harrison of Stockton-On-Tees
D Heartshorne
W S Hepworth
Henry Hill
Holt Publishing Service
J S & S
Jackson and Son
Mr J P Jackson
Kingsway series
Knight & Co
K W Land
H Law
Laytons of London
Leake Bros
Lilywhite ltd.
Logan L Y & R
Chas. H Mabb
W C Machan
Marshall Keene & Co.
C Marshall
F W Marshall
W McGowan of Pontefract
National Society's Depository of London
J P Neale
Newland Series
Nichols and Son
M J O'Connor
Rowland Parker
Photo general
Photocrom Co ltd.
The Phototype Co.
The Picture Postcard Emporium
Pipers bazaar series
J Ranns
R.A.P. Co of London
Regal Publishing Co
Rock & Co
J Rodgers
J Rund & Sons
St Albans Series
Scholastic Souvenir Co
Walter Scott
Shaw of Ossett
J Shury
Simmath Press, Dundee
P Skeolan
Mr F D Smith
Standidge of London
Stewart & Wolfe
E Stockham
W Stott
W Straker ltd.
J W Sutton
Sutton Nicholls of London
Swallow and Co
T & C
Taylors of Wombwell
J Tee
T. E. G.
B Tempest
B Terry
The Crescent Series
T Throup
Tillotson and Firth ltd.
Tuck & Co
C E Turner
R Veal and son
Vernon Publishing Co
W R & S Reliable Series
W & W S Wagstaff
Waites Taxi and Coach Service
Wales of Hemsworth
Walker/ Wilson of Wakefield
Waterlow Bros
J Watkins
R T Watson
Watson & Pritchett
West Yorkshire Printing Co.
R Whewell ltd.
H Whitaker
Alfred Wilson
Wilsons of Nottingham
H Wimpenny
J G Winterburn
Woolstone Bros
Mr & Mrs F Wormald
The Wrench
Yorkshire Photo Service‚Äč