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Douglas Percy Thompson

Date of birth: 3 June 1918
Date of death: 8 April 2007
Area: Castleford
Regiment: 282 COY R.A.S.C (GT)
Rank: COR
Service number: T/ 141355

War service

Doug’s military training took place in Hastings. He worked in the kitchens and as a driver and mechanic. Served in France in Second World War and managed to avoid any wounds or capture. His job was to set up mobile kitchens as the troops pushed forward into France. After Dunkirk, his regiment went back to Norwich to regroup.
When the Normandy landings took place, his regiment had to try and get food and drinks organised for the troops. As the troops moved forward they had pack up and move forward to establish a new field cook house.
Doug did not enjoy his service as he said he was always broke and didn’t get paid enough.
He remembered seeing his friend from Castleford, who couldn’t drive a car, come round a corner driving this enormous tank transporter.
No, war was awful but it had to be done because of Hitler.

Family story

Doug lived in Ledsham. His father was the carpenter for Ledston Hall. Doug worked in his uncle’s butchers shop and so became a butcher. Home in Ledsham was in a tied cottage with his mum, dad and sister.
His hobbies were motorbikes and the countryside. The family seemed to be proud of his service during the war and they coped with his absence and, as his Dad was working, they managed financially.
Doug and Joyce had married during his service and had bought a house and when he came in through the door he threw his pay book on the sideboard and said, “I ain’t going back.” He had no difficulties getting back into civvy life. I don’t think Joyce would have given him too much sympathy as she found it hard to keep ‘the home fires burning’.
He got his job back as a butcher and got on with life.

black and white photograph of douglas wearing an army great coat and an army cap Douglas Percy Thompson

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